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Metamora Twp. High School

PC Applications 1 & 2
CIP: 11.0201, 11.0701; 52.0401

PC APPLICATIONS 1 (Microsoft Office 2010)

Semester - 0.5 credit


Prerequisite: Keyboarding


This course prepares students to work with Microsoft Office 2010 in a college or career setting or for personal use. Using courseware that incorporates a step-by-step, project-based case study approach, students develop an introductory level of competency in Office 2010. First semester will include introductions to the following software components: word processing (Word), spreadsheet applications (Excel), database (Access), and presentation software (PowerPoint). Students will also develop an understanding of fundamental computer hardware and software concepts. These skills provide solid background knowledge for college-bound students as well as those seeking to enhance a job application.

PC APPLICATIONS 2 (Microsoft Office 2010 - Advanced)

Semester - 0.5 credit


Prerequisite: PC Applications 1

This is an advanced - level course. Students will use the database component of MS Office (Access) to create, input, and update databases. The examination of spreadsheets (Excel) will continue, utilizing more advanced features of the software such as analyzing data using advanced formulas, Pivot Tables, and What-If analysis. Integration of these applications will also be included in the curriculum. Students will be able to actually work through a college final exam for both Excel and Access. The text used in class is approved courseware for the MS Office Specialist Certification. This course offers the students the opportunity to enhance their 21st century workforce skills by preparing them to be proficient in the MS Office Suite.

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