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Metamora Twp. High School

Production Welding
CIP: 48.0508


Semester - 0.5 credit


Prerequisite: Welding and Advanced Welding with a “C” or better Production


Welding is for the student who is looking at a career as a MIG welder. This course is open to Juniors and Seniors who have had Welding and Advanced Welding, or are presently enrolled in Advanced Welding. This course will emphasize industrial style MIG welding, setting up welders correctly, and good work habits, as well as an awareness of production techniques. The vast majority of the course will be spent in the shop mastering these various areas. The students may be given the opportunity to design, fabricate, and weld a project of their choice (with instructor approval) in this class. Likewise, this class will include an introduction to blueprint reading for welders as well as basic weld theory. This class may include opportunities for dual credit through Illinois Central College.

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