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Career Clusters

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Career Clusters


Car Mechanics

Auto Mechanics

Business Meeting


Image by Markus Spiske

Computer science

Cooking Class

Culinary arts &

Food Science

Soldering circuit board

Engineering (PLTW)

& Engineering Technology

Image by Gautam Arora

Family &

Consumer Science

Printing Stamp

Graphic &

Digital Arts

Metal Engraving

Welding & Metals


Carpenter Measuring Wood

Wood Technology

Career Exploration

Opportunities for more learning:

Career Exploration
Image by Brooke Cagle


Students explore six areas of Career & Technical Education, including Agrictulture, Electronics, Drafting, Graphic Arts, Metals, and Wood Technology.

Engineering Class

High School 101

This class prepares incoming high school students with career exploration and the needed skills to be successful in high school and beyond. 


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