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Metamora Twp. High School

Introduction to Automotive Mechanics
CIP: 47.0604


Semester - 0.5 credit


Prerequisite: None


This is an introduction to Auto Mechanics class. It assumes the student has very little knowledge or experience in automotive mechanics. Students will identify automotive parts and components while working to understand how they function (ex. Where is the water pump found, and what is its role?) This class covers basic car maintenance, such as checking tire pressure, changing, rotating, balancing, and buying tires, checking and replacing fluids (oil, water, brake fluid, anti-freeze, etc.), replacing hoses and serpentine belt, discussing differences in oil, gasoline, flushing radiator, changing headlights, taillights, turn signals, fuses, windshield wiper blades, air filters, batteries, mufflers, tail pipes, installing radio, CD player, etc. Students will learn to use the hoist and how to place a car on the hoist. Students will be allowed to work on their own car or a school owned car to practice these minor repairs.

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