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Metamora Twp. High School

Keyboarding 1 & 2
CIP: 52.0401, 11.0701, 11.0201; 11.0201


Semester - 0.5 credit

All Classes

Prerequisite: None


Students will be expected to type by touch. This course is designed to teach fundamental word processing skills to beginning and intermediate level students. The course will focus on learning how to control text elements within the application and create documents for a variety of personal and business reasons. Course work will include formatting memos, personal business letters, and business letters. Students will work to improve speed and accuracy by taking timed writings. Good proofreading skills will be reinforced. Various software programs, games and activities are used in an engaging way to motivate speed and accuracy development. This course is a prerequisite for some additional business courses.


Semester - 0.5 credit

All Classes

Prerequisite: Keyboarding 1


Students are expected to type by touch. This is an advanced-level course using Microsoft Word 2010 to solve real world, office related tasks. The course is designed to cover the other applicable tasks that MS Word might be used for, other than just as a word processor. Students will learn not only additional formatting features but also creating and working with tables, graphics, building blocks, and forms as well as performing mail merges. These are employability skills that a student may use on a job application and resume. The goal is to make each student proficient in the MS Word software. The text used in class is approved coursework for the MS Office Specialist Certification. Instructional strategies may include computer/technology applications, teacher demonstrations, collaborative instruction, interdisciplinary and/or culminating projects, problem solving and critical thinking activities, simulations and project based learning activities.

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