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Metamora Twp. High School

Accounting 1 & 2
CIP: 52.0301


Year - 1.0 crediT


Prerequisite: None


Accounting I is a one-year course open to business oriented students, particularly college bound students considering a business or accounting major, and those planning to own their own business. Accounting I presents the complete accounting cycle in its simplest form. Journaling and posting are learned and continually reinforced. Learning the skills necessary to keep the financial records of a business is a part of the course, but major emphasis is placed on understanding the accounting cycle and financial statements which are prepared as a part of that cycle. Accounting for businesses established as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations will be covered.


Year - 1.0 credit


Prerequisite: Accounting 1


This course is vocational and career oriented. It is planned for students who have the following objectives in mind: (a) to become an accountant or an accountant’s assistant; (b) to go to college and major in accounting, marketing, management, or some other aspect of business administration; (c) to know more about business procedures and business records than can be learned in a first-year course so that, as a future business owner or manager, he/she can direct an organization and interpret business records; (d) to better understand the relationship between automated data processing and manual processing of business data. Areas covered include review of basic accounting procedures, departmental and payroll accounting, depreciation accounting, depletion, bad debts, partnership accounting, tax and cost accounting, and corporate accounting.

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