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Metamora Twp. High School

Honors Engineering Essentials
PLTW Course

CIP: 15.0001, 15.1301


Year - 1.0 credit


Prerequisite: A commitment to the rigor associated with an honors class, and Freshmen taking this course are encouraged to be concurrently enrolled in other honors courses.


This course is designed as a first-exposure experience to inspire students of all backgrounds to explore the breadth of engineering related career opportunities. In Engineering Essentials, students learn and apply the engineering design process using a variety of engineering tools, such as 3-D solid modeling software and 3D printing/ prototyping equipment to develop mechanical, electronic, process, and logistical solutions to relevant problems across a variety of industry sectors, including health care, public service, product development, and manufacturing. This full year course is designed to be the starting point for 9th graders who are interested in pursuing additional Project Lead The Way Engineering courses while in high school. However, sophomore, juniors, and seniors can also enroll in this course if it is applicable to their pathway of study.

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