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Metamora Twp. High School

Honors AP Computer Science Principles
CIP: 11.0701


Year - 1.0 credits


Prerequisite: A commitment to the rigor associated with an honors level course.


This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. More than a traditional introduction to programming, it is a rigorous, engaging, and approachable course that explores many of the foundational ideas of computing so all students understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in. It is designed to be equivalent to a first-semester introductory college computing course in which students will develop computational thinking skills vital for success across all disciplines, such as using computational tools to analyze and study data and working with large data sets to analyze, visualize, and draw conclusions from trends. Problems aim for ground-level entry with no ceiling so that all students can successfully engage the problems and extend them.


This course is designed to prepare students who are new to computer science for the AP Computer Science Principles exam at the end of the year. The course covers many topics including the Internet, Big Data and Privacy, and Programming and Algorithms.


An AP Computer Science course can count towards the 3-year math requirement if the student has already completed Algebra II.

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