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Metamora Twp. High School

POE - Honors Principles of Engineering
PLTW Course

CIP: 15.0000


Year - 1.0 credit


Prerequisite: A commitment to the rigor associated with a honors class.


Principles of Engineering is a problem and project based survey course that is designed to give students a broad perspective on the many opportunities available through engineering and engineering technology fields. Units covered include mechanisms, electronics, energy efficiency, thermodynamics, machine control, statics, and kinematics. Each unit builds on prior lessons and students apply the theory from the units to solve fun problems and build projects. A culminating project for this course is a recycling machine where students build and program a machine to sort five different types of marbles from one central hopper into five different hoppers each holding one type of marble. As students leave this course, they will hopefully have a better perspective upon their interests and strengths within the broad field of engineering or engineering technology.

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